The 6 Figure Flow Mastermind is for the heart-centered entrepreneur who is ready to catapult your business to new levels while having an intimate space to settle into and receive hands on support + my eyes on your business for the next 6-12 months!

You are just as committed to having a rock solid inner world as you are to growing a successful business.

You are ready to make connections, be in expansive conversations, hear new perspectives, and have a home to grow your business.

This is the space to grow your online business to five figure months with your alignment and well being at the forefront.

In The Mastermind we dive deep into: business growth strategies, alignment, energetics, mindset, leadership, stepping into your CEO, boundaries, and emotional intelligence. 

💎You want to serve more humans & increase your monthly income without adding a ton more to your calendar 

💎You are craving expansion. Reaching & serving more people. You feel like you’ve got 1:1 on lock and you desire to create group experiences such as: courses, live programs, Masterminds, etc.

💎You desire to feel confident in how you sell and market your offers to your audience & make sure you are attracting the RIGHT type of clients into your world

💎You’re ready to step into your CEO even deeper and raise your standards around the caliber of clients you call in and the type of programs you bring forth

💎You want to increase your confidence in your message AND your visibility. You desire to create magnetizing content, maybe launch a podcast, get your message out across more platforms & lead high value, transformational group programs & experiences 

This is ALL possible for you.

You know you’re just barely scratching the surface of the impact you’re here to make through your heart-centered business. 

You have a big vision of reaching more people & touching MORE lives - perhaps by starting a podcast or expanding your visibility to a new platform

Freedom is a top value of yours. You want to scale your business to impact more people while working LESS & earning more than you ever have. 

You refuse to force & burn out on your way to 6 Figures.

You desire to build your business through aligned strategy, and intentional action while letting your intuition guide you.

1.) I had invested in joining a space led by somebody who had created a level of success inside their business that I admired where I was alongside other business owners on a similar path. Inside this space I learned + implemented tangible business growth strategies that allowed me to have structure in my business AND prioritizing my alignment.

2.) I committed to my growth in my inner world because I believe that your business will grow to the level that YOU do. I worked on myself every single day and still do.

I firmly believe that rising to five figure months inside your business doesn’t come down to choosing between focusing on either strategy OR mindset/alignment. I believe it’s BOTH & that's what you'll receive support with inside of 6 Figure Flow Mastermind.

I’ve created ONE powerful space where you don’t have to choose between going all in on strategy OR growing as a human & emotionally intelligent CEO, & leader of a huge brand - it's ALL OF IT. RIGHT here for you.🔥

Ready for your biggest year yet? Let's do this!


About Your Mentor Valerie:

Hi Beautiful! My name is Valerie Adams and I am an Intuitive Business and Mindset Coach for entrepreneurs and go getter women who desire to make a big impact in their lifetime.

I am Certified Master Success Coach & Master NLP Practitioner as well as a Psychic Medium. I infuse my experience with subconscious reprogramming, & energetics into all of my coaching containers. I also receive specific intuitive insights for my clients!

Prior to pivoting into Business Coaching, I built a successful Dating + Mindset Coaching business that generated multiple six figures.

I had my first 6 figure cash year in 2020 & have worked with hundreds of women & supported them in reaching levels of success, fulfilling, and happiness they never dreamt possible in their business, career, and love life.

It would be my honor to be your guide, be in your corner for the next 6 or 12 months, and work closely with you to help you make your dream business a reality!

The Vibe of 6 Figure Flow Mastermind is:

This Mastermind is a very intimate environment where you will be receiving lots of hands on, customized support and coaching. You will have my eyes on your business for 6 or 12 months (and longer if you continue in the Mastermind!)

The Mastermind members are very loving, open, and supportive of one other. There are collaborations, celebrations, and support between the women inside on a regular basis.

6 Figure Flow Mastermind is a home for you to grow as a both a powerful CEO and a human.

What's You Get Inside of The 6 Figure Flow Mastermind: 

✔️6 or 12 Months of unlimited coaching & support inside 6 Figure Flow Mastermind

✔️Group Coaching Calls (2 each month) for hot seat coaching, launch planning, & customized feedback

✔️Monthly Content + Copy Lab Live Call for you to receive feedback on content as well as sales and marketing copy

✔️Unlimited Group Voxer Coaching + Support M, T, TH, F

✔️Private Kickoff Intensive When You Join

✔️Access to all live programs and paid Masterclasses released during your time in the Mastermind

✔️Lifetime access to trainings in 6 Figure Foundations Content Library

Upon Enrolling You Will Receive Access to The 6 Figure Flow Foundations Content Library!

Trainings Inside Include:

💎 The Keys to Building a Stand Out Brand

💎 Creating Magnetic Content that Attract Your Ideal Clients 

💎 How to Create & Package Irresistible Offers 

💎 Strategies To Increase Sales & Elevate Your Selling Mindset 

💎 Stepping into CEO Mode & Scaling Your Business Like a Boss

💎 Access Your Zone of Genius & Delegating 

Themes we'll be mastering inside of 6 Figure Flow Mastermind:

🔥  The foundations to create sustainable five figure months inside your online business

🔥 How to serve more ideal clients while having lots of free time

🔥Emotional intelligence as a spiritual business owner, becoming a boundaries Queen, and stepping deeper into the CEO role!

🔥 The musts of creating & packaging irresistible offers that offer massive transformation for your clients

🔥  Mastering your sales strategy so that your dream clients fill your programs ( & feel confident AF promoting yourself + your offers) 😉

🔥  Elevating your brand and content to connect with your future soulmate clients on a deeper level so when they find you, they will say, "who IS this person? Is she in my head? I must hire her!"

🔥  Letting go of forced strategies you've been taught and not vibed with and swapping them out for more aligned ways of creating success and abundance inside of your business

🔥 Focusing on and elevating your inner world so that you are the leading growth for your business

^ just to name a few!

"I’ve been in Valerie’s 6 Figure -Figure Flow Mastermind for 4-months now and I can say with confidence it’s why I reached my goal of multiple six figures in my business this year!

Valerie is a phenomenal coach! I’ve been in several Masterminds, but I have felt more supported from her than I have in any other container before.

I’ve truly received everything I wanted and more including strategy, support, community, BIG SHIFTS and motivation to continue down this path I’m feeling called to!

I was feeling doubtful about fully stepping into my power as a coach. But since joining six figure flow, I have zero doubts I am on the right path. 

I had my first six-figure year as a coach being in this Mastermind. Valerie helped me to continue taking action, even when I was unsure of the next right step. I am so grateful for the space and the work we are doing inside this Mastermind, thank you Valerie!

If you’re looking for a coach who will be straight forward with you and tell you what you need to hear to create the life you desire (not just fluff) than look no further! Valerie lives and breathes this work and will help guide you towards where you want to be."

- Meg McMillan, Brand Photographer & Business Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I have to be "far along" in my business to join 6 Figure Flow Mastermind?

A: No! You will be learning & mastering the foundations to grow a successful business - these foundations are great for anybody who already has a business and is ready to scale to their next income level.

Whether you are earlier in your business or if you are rising to five figure months, the content inside of the 6 Figure Foundations Training Library will meet you where you are at & you will be receiving hands on, personalized coaching & feedback from Valerie directly during group coaching calls, monthly Content Lab & the Mastermind group Voxer chat.

Q: I've never been in a Mastermind before. What exactly is it & am I a good fit?

A. A Mastermind is an intimate space led by a Mentor where a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals come together with a special intention around their growth.

Its a place for growth, transformation, coaching, feedback, new ideas, and breakthroughs. You will grow from being in close proximity with business owners on a similar growth trajectory and of course from the unlimited coaching you'll receive.

If you have the desire to build & scale a profitable business, make an impact in the world, are open to feedback and coaching, trying new things, and love the idea of growing alongside like-minded women on a similar journey, then you are a perfect fit!

Q: When does 6 Figure Flow Mastermind begin & how long is it?

A. 6 Figure Flow is a rolling Mastermind meaning you can jump in and receive coaching and support right away (as long as there are spaces open!). Your enrollment inside the Mastermind is for 6 months. 12 month option available upon request! There is an option to lock in your space for a future start date and spread payments out over a longer period of time (message me directly to learn more about this!)

Q: What is the investment to join 6 Figure Flow Mastermind & do you offer payment plans?

A: 6 Figure Flow Mastermind is a four figure investment with monthly installment options available. When your application gets approved, Valerie will send you options available for joining. You can join The 6 Figure Flow Mastermind for either a 6 or 12 month commitment.

Option to choose a future start date and spread installments out over a longer period of time!

Q: How much coaching will I receive & access to Valerie in the Mastermind?

A: You will be able to receive customized hot seat style coaching from Valerie on Group Coaching calls twice/month plus you can ask questions & receive feedback and coaching from Valerie via the Group Voxer Chat M, T, TH, F. You will also receive feedback inside of the monthly content lab!

Q: What happens after my time is complete in the Mastermind?

A: You will have the option to continue after your 6 or 12 months are complete. You will maintain access to the trainings inside of the 6 Figure Foundations Training Library regardless of if you continue or not!

Q: What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

A: Feel free to message Valerie directly on Instagram @themindfulbabe to chat further or send an email to and your question will be answered!

Are you ready to have your biggest year in business yet with alignment as your leading energy?

Let's do this together! I cannot wait to serve you!


If you have questions or desire to speak directly with Valerie about joining The 6 Figure Flow Mastermind

or have a question, send her a message on

Instagram @themindfulbabe