Expand & Soar is my 6 or 12 month Rolling Mastermind for the heart centered online biz owner who is ready to take your business to the 6 figures/yr mark and prioritize your inner evolution just as much as the evolution of your business!

In The Mastermind we dive deep into: business growth strategies, alignment, energetics, mindset, leadership, stepping into your CEO, boundaries, and emotional intelligence. 


💎You KNOW you are capable of going bigger than you have been in your business. You’re ready to turn up the notch on your: content, client experience, programs, and your capacity

💎You’re past the point of “wow I can make money online!”, you have worked with clients and KNOW you offer an amazing service, and know you’re ready to make it even better

💎You know it’s time to raise your STANDARDS around: the type of clients you work with, how much accessibility you give in your programs, and your pricing and you want to be in a space that keeps you accountable in EXPANDING

💎You desire to work with MORE humans but you want to make sure you aren’t trading time for money and that your business model is set up with offers that help you impact more people without you sacrificing the things most important to you

💎You know you can create money and have people excited to pay you but you know you haven’t fully stepped into “I’m a big f*cking deal energy” and you’re dedicated to programming your subconscious mind to holding MORE: success, money, and opportunity

💎You’re ready to go deeper and show up even MORE powerfully online whether this be through creating activating content, being even more seen and heard on video or podcast, or selling even more unapologetically. This is your space to go BIGGER and EXPAND! 

💎You give a F about your client experience and want to develop even more the skill of coaching, facilitation, and navigating different scenarios that can come up in the coach-client relationship.

💎You want to make sure you are giving people a reason to STAY in your world & having your customers feel satisfied.

Expand & Soar Mastermind is your HOME BASE for mentorship throughout all seasons of growing your business. 

Just like we experience different seasons in the year, the same applies for owning your own business. 

Having a home for your business growth for the next 6 or 12 months to support you with all seasons, when life happens, when evolution and pivots happen, when deeper alignment occurs is what will allow you to EXPAND to your next level on a solid foundation so that your success is sustainable

1.) I had invested in joining a space led by somebody who had created a level of success inside their business that I admired where I was alongside other business owners on a similar path.

Inside this space I learned + implemented tangible business growth strategies while leveraging customized coaching and feedback that allowed me to have structure and a solid plan in my business.

2.) I committed to building and creating content from a place alignment, not what I thought I "should" do. I prioritized my inner and spiritual growth just as much as my business growth.

I’ve created ONE powerful space where you don’t have to choose between going all in on strategy OR growing as a human & emotionally intelligent CEO, & leader of a huge brand - it's ALL OF IT. RIGHT here for you.🔥

About Your Mentor Valerie:

Hi Beautiful! My name is Valerie Adams and I am an Intuitive Business and Mindset Coach for heart-centered biz owners & go getter women who desire to make a big impact doing work they absolutely LOVE!

I am Certified Master Success Coach & Master NLP Practitioner as well as a medium & psychic. I infuse my years of experience with subconscious reprogramming, business growth strategies, and energetics into all of my coaching containers. I also receive specific intuitive insights for my clients which makes the coaching container that much more fun & impactful.

From 2019-early 2022 I built a Dating + Mindset Coaching business where I worked with single women to help them do the inner work to attract their dream partner. This business generated multiple six figures. I am passionate about the entrepreneurial journey & wanted to take all I've learned and continue to practice into supporting spiritual women in growing their business.

I had my first 6 figure year in 2020 ($149k cash) & have worked with hundreds of women & supported them in reaching levels of success, fulfilling, and happiness they never dreamt possible in their business, career, and love life.

It would be my HONOR to be your mentor, be in your corner for the next 6 or 12 months, and work closely with you to help you crack into 6 figures & beyond!

The Vibe of Expand & Soar Mastermind is:

This Mastermind is a very intimate environment where you will be receiving lots of hands on, customized support and coaching. You will have my eyes on your business for 6 or 12 months (and longer if you continue in the Mastermind!)

The Mastermind members are very loving, open, and supportive of one other. There are collaborations, celebrations, and support between the women inside on a regular basis.

Expand & Soar Mastermind is a home for you to grow as a both a powerful CEO and a human.

What's You Get Inside of Expand & Soar Mastermind: 

✔️6 or 12 Months of unlimited coaching & support inside 6 Figure Flow Mastermind

✔️(3) Hot Seat Group Coaching Sessions each month via Zoom for personalized feedback, coaching & support

✔️Additional coaching & support inside of Group Voxer 4 Days a Week

✔️Private Kickoff Intensive When You Join

✔️ Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Call

✔️Access to all live programs and paid Masterclasses released during your time in the Mastermind

✔️Lifetime access to trainings in 6 Figure Foundations Library plus previously released business programs

"I’ve been in Valerie’s 6 Figure -Figure Flow Mastermind for 4-months now and I can say with confidence it’s why I reached my goal of multiple six figures in my business this year!

Valerie is a phenomenal coach! I’ve been in several Masterminds, but I have felt more supported from her than I have in any other container before.

I’ve truly received everything I wanted and more including strategy, support, community, BIG SHIFTS and motivation to continue down this path I’m feeling called to!

I was feeling doubtful about fully stepping into my power as a coach. But since joining six figure flow, I have zero doubts I am on the right path. 

I had my first six-figure year as a coach being in this Mastermind. Valerie helped me to continue taking action, even when I was unsure of the next right step. I am so grateful for the space and the work we are doing inside this Mastermind, thank you Valerie!

If you’re looking for a coach who will be straight forward with you and tell you what you need to hear to create the life you desire (not just fluff) than look no further! Valerie lives and breathes this work and will help guide you towards where you want to be."

- Meg McMillan, Brand Photographer & Business Mentor

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If you have questions or desire to speak directly with Valerie about joining Expand & Soar Mastermind or have a question, feel free to senf her a message on Instagram @themindfulbabe