Anything's Possible Self-Guided Course

Self-Guided Course for you to dive into the inner growth work to MAJORLY catapult you toward your goals & desires

If you desire to:

🔥Break free from thought loops and patterns that no longer serve you & replace with empowering, productive, and powerful ways of being

⚡️Detangle past conditioning and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck so you can become an unstoppable force for your desires to be magnetized to you 

🧠Reprogram your mind & energetic field to attract unthinkable amounts of success, confidence, and abundance

💎Learn the habits, rituals, and practices to attract your deepest desires into your reality with ease, certainty, and joy

Step into the vortex where: your desires manifest into your reality fast because your inner game is so dialed in 🔥🔥


⚡️You’re ready for 2023 to be the year where everything FINALLY clicks for you - the money, the business, the relationship, the travel, the promotion. THIS is your year (and you're not afraid to CLAIM it!)

💖You know you have patterns and ways of thinking & being that no longer serving you and you’re ready to uplevel your inner world so you can start seeing your desires show up in your external world

💎You are ready to ditch the logical, linear way of thinking that society has programmed you to subscribe to and think bigger, experience more magic in your life, & manifest your desires with ease


They want something, they put their focus & energy on going out and GETTING it so they can feel what they want.

They approach it from the OUTSIDE - IN. 

It sounds like, “Let me DO, so I can GET.”

And while they may still get what they wanted - they are burnt out, feel like they forced their way, or feel scared that what they just got will disappear or will be a one hit wonder. 

Cue the cycle….

There’s an EASIER way. 

One that can actually require LESS action and MORE allowing…
And that’s focusing on the INSIDE - OUT. 

Focusing on building a rock solid inner world that your 3D physical reality MIRRORS BACK to you in the form of: 

Miracles, money, aligned relationships, new opportunities, love, answered prayers - you NAME IT, it’s YOURS for the taking 😍💸✨

And if right now your ego is saying, “That sounds TOO good to be true”….
…that’s the part of you that’s addicted to the struggle, to the cycle, to the mental loops, to things being hard. 

👉🏼The question ISN’T: is this reality possible?

👉🏼The question IS: Will you ALLOW this to be possible for you?
& I want to show you how.

You'll be getting my entire "toolbox" inside of Anything's Possible.

I firmly believe and have experienced myself & within my most successful client that if you commit 6 weeks of your life to practicing the tools and techniques I’ll be giving you inside of Anything’s Possible your physical reality WILL change for the better 🔥

Inside Anything's Possible We'll Be Diving Into:

💎 Completely upgrading your inner world through teachings and practices for: subconscious reprogramming, alignment, energetics, emotional intelligence, and growing your personal power.

💎Upleveling your manifestation skills for faster & easeful receiving. Clear out fears and beliefs holding you back from your next level so you can soar

💎Reprogramming your subconscious mind for success and abundance 

💎Upgrading your relationship with money so you can receive  & experience abundance with more ease 

💎Leveraging support from the spiritual realm to help you bring your desires into your reality faster & with more clarity 

💎Growing your magnetism for more easeful attraction of your desires (think: PULLING in vs. PUSHING/FORCING)

💎Deepening your intuition & connection with your Higher Self, harnessing your feminine energy to receive more of your desires 

💎 Expand your capacity to receive your desires, new opportunities, abundance, and unexpected miracles.

💎 Create momentum toward your goals through focusing on inner work and growth, personalized coaching, and accountability toward your greatness. Gain clarity around an action plan & next aligned steps to take for desire to manifest in your 3D reality

💎 Have life changing breakthroughs, dissolve beliefs and patterns no longer serving you, be inside of expansive conversations and stretch your current views around what you believe is possible & open up your receiving channel (love, money, joy, gifts - whatever you want!)

💎 Strengthen your manifestation abilities, learn the inter workings of the Universe, deepen your confidence in yourself as a powerful co-creator, add new practices to your toolkit that you can use for a lifetime, unlock new levels of joy, creativity, personal power, and freedom.

About Valerie:

Hi Beautiful! My name is Valerie Adams and I am a Business and Mindset Coach for spiritual entrepreneurs and go-getter women who desire to make a big impact in their lifetime.

I have worked with 500+ women & I am Certified Master Success Coach & Master NLP Practitioner! I infuse manifestation, subconscious reprogramming, & energetics into all of my coaching containers.

It would be my absolutely honor to be your guide, on your journey help you make your dream life a reality!

4 years ago, my physical reality was VERY different from the one you see me living today. 

I was single, working in a soul sucking corporate career I felt stuck in, had a horrible relationship with money, numbed myself daily with either alcohol, online shopping, hours of Netflix and/or scrolling. 

I was riddled with anxiety, worrying 24/7, & felt like my life was running on autopilot. 

Flash forward to TODAY:

I am in a loving, healthy relationship of my dreams, I work for myself making a difference in people's lives, I make more money than I ever have before, I have a beautiful and accepting relationship with ME, I feel so free to be myself 100% and I feel more powerful than ever.

I didn't get to this place overnight or by a stroke of good luck.

I DID get here by prioritizing the inner work & committing to practicing a new way of being every single day.

And these practices are EXACTLY what I'm going to be teaching you inside of Anything's Possible.


Training 1:

Your Identity, Eclipsing Out Negative Thinking, Getting Clear on Your Desires 

Training 2:

Training 2: Creating a vision for your life, power of subconscious mind, living a desire-led life 

Training 3:

Breaking Through Unconscious Beliefs and Patterns 

Training 4:

Money Mindset & Elevating Your Prosperity Consciousness

Training 5:

7 Step Manifestation Process, Removing Resistance, The Rules For How Life Works for You 

Training 6:

Harnessing Your Feminine Energy and Turning Up Your Natural Magnetism 

Training 7:

Leveraging Support from The Spiritual Realm to Receive Your Desires 

Plus 2 Q+A Session Recordings

Inside You Get:

⚡️8 previously recorded trainings + 2 Q+A session recordings totaling over 10 hours of content

⚡️Homework to integrate the teachings & practices

⚡️Lifetime access to trainings & Q+A session recordings  

⚡️Exclusive Facebook community for connection & sharing wins

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Anything's Possible course for business owners only?

A: No! The program is perfect for go-getter women across all occupations. The practices and tools you'll be learning will support you in all areas of your life.

Q: How much access and coaching will I receive from Valerie?

A:This is a self-guided course and there will be no live coaching or support included.

Q: What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

A: Feel free to message Valerie directly on Instagram @themindfulbabe to chat further about Anything's Possible Course

Q: I recently discovered Valerie, where can I learn more about her and get a feel for her energy?

A: If you are newer to Valerie and want to get a feel for her energy, feel free to listen to The Mindful Babes Podcast where you will find over 130+ episodes. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Podbean🎙️Listen to The Mindful Babes Podcast HERE

“I loved how Valerie is straight forward but also asks all the right questions to get me thinking in my own way, for me to guide myself!” 

- Rave

“Her approach to the work is done in an ambitious  and positive manner. We covered a lot in a short amount of time! - - - I felt safe enough to open up to her, like I could ask her questions about anything!"

- Samantha

“Valerie is amazing! She has this calm energy about her and always brings up great questions to ask yourself to uncover the answers you need. She meets you where you're at and is very understanding yet will push you at the same time. I loved her feedback and reframes around my limiting beliefs those were game changers for me! And I felt like she really understood me, which was what I needed”

- Bailey

“I loved that she’s lived this herself! She never judges and always supports and genuinely invests her time and energy into her clients and their goals. She brings in top notch guest speakers as well!”

- Allison Ziegler

“I loved that Valerie kept me grounded with putting her finger on things that I could change for the better while encouraging me to explore how I want my dream relationship to feel before I even have it.”

– Madeline Penn

“I loved how real, open & honest Valerie was with us during the program. She was always there to support us in the best way she could & have us honest feedback to help us grow.”

- Amanda Morrish


If you have questions or desire to speak directly with Valerie about joining Anything's Possible, send her a message on Instagram @themindfulbabe