The Anything's Possible Group Program:

Step into the vortex where: your desires manifest into your reality fast because your inner game is so dialed in 🔥🔥

The vortex where:

-Your dream relationship is right around the corner
-You get a raise “out of nowhere”
-Your business finally takes off
-You manifest your dream home in the most synchronistic way
-You receive a job offer at your dream company

-Miracles and money fall into your lap every day

6 week group program for you to take massive leaps toward your vision and deepest desires while being supported and held accountable to your power in an intimate setting alongside growth minded women.

Just imagine what would shift in your life if you prioritized your: growing your manifestation abilities, mindset, alignment, & healing for 6 weeks!🔥

Inside You'll Be Learning to:

💎 Expand your capacity to receive your desires, new opportunities, abundance, and unexpected miracles.

💎 Create momentum toward your goals through focusing on inner work and growth, personalized coaching, and accountability toward your greatness.

💎 Completely upgrade your inner world through teachings and practices for: subconscious reprogramming, alignment, energetics, emotional intelligence, and growing your personal power.

💎 Gain clarity around an action plan & next aligned steps to take for desire to manifest in your 3D reality

💎 Have life changing breakthroughs, dissolve beliefs and patterns no longer serving you, be inside of expansive conversations and stretch your current views around what you believe is possible & open up your receiving channel (love, money, joy, gifts - whatever you want!)

💎 Learn the inter-workings of The Universe, strengthen your power as a co-creator, have huge internal shifts, make connections, be held accountable, and grow alongside like minded women.

💎 Strengthen your manifestation abilities, deepen your confidence in yourself as a powerful co-creator, add new practices to your toolkit that you can use for a lifetime, unlock new levels of joy, creativity, personal power, and freedom.

Just imagine for a moment:

That huge goal you have in your heart that you think won’t happen until next year…happening before the end of 2023!!

Removing blocks and stuck beliefs holding you back and being a strong magnet for your desires to come in effortlessly

Feeling the most confident you’ve ever been in your life path and your superpowers AND knowing your exact next steps to take  

Your inner world & relationships feeling so solid and so so good 

We will be focusing on deepening your manifestation abilities, collapsing the time it takes to reach your goals, and anchoring in to your innate power as a co-creator.

Blow your mind with what’s possible in the remainder of the year & learn manifestations practices you can take with you far beyond our 6 weeks together🤯

⚡ You know that you’re capable of creating and accomplishing big things but you’ve been holding yourself back and you’re ready to be challenged to play a much bigger game

⚡ You notice limiting habits and patterns have been popping up more than you’d like (self doubt, overthinking,etc.) & you want to be in an environment that will reinvigorate you and have you feeling excited to reach your goals in 2023

⚡ You’re tired of being stuck in the same cycles and you’re ready to make a BIG CHANGE

⚡ You have a big idea or project that you want to bring into existence and you want to add the energy and momentum of a being in a group with other growth minded women with the benefits of having guidance & mentorship from me

⚡You’re ready to meet yourself in a new level of confidence & self trust and unleash the power within you

⚡You‘ve been craving to create connections and sisterhood with growth-minded women who will empower you to be your best

✨ Learn how to collapse time around reaching your goals & desires coming to fruition

 ✨  Learn how to turn up your magnetism so you are letting go of chasing or forcing and attracting opportunities, success, and abundance TO YOU. 

 ✨  Receive high level support & mentorship for 6 weeks and be in sisterhood & community with like-minded women growing alongside you so you can achieve your goals in life, business, love, career faster than you imagined

*This container is open to women of all occupations as the codes we will be anchoring in to can be applied to any desired area

Some of the topics I will be teaching on during our 6 weeks Inside of Anythings Possible:

🔥 Money manifestation practices
🔥 Energetic alignment & personal power
🔥 Subconscious reprogramming practices
🔥 How to let go of trying to control & enter into more trust
🔥 Balancing your feminine & masculine energy
🔥 Cleaning up resistance & opening yourself up to receive with more ease
🔥 Practices to generate & hold a dominant vibration that is an energetic match to your desires
🔥 Practices to increase your magnetism & receive your desires faster

Ready to blow your mind with experiencing what you didn't even think was possible in 2023?!

It's time to CLAIM IT!


About Valerie:

Hi Beautiful! My name is Valerie Adams and I am a Business and Mindset Mentor for entrepreneurs and go-getter women who desire to make a big impact in their lifetime.

I have worked with 500+ women & I am Certified Master Success Coach & Master NLP Practitioner! I infuse manifestation, subconscious reprogramming, & energetics into all of my coaching containers.

It would be my honor to be your guide, be in your corner for 6 weeks and work closely with you to help you make your dream life a reality!

- Live trainings taking place over a 6 week period

Some of the training topics include: subconscious reprogramming, deepening your manifestation abilities, money mindset, overcoming fear, turning on your magnetism, balancing masculine/feminine energy, deepening your alignment and ability to receive. 

- 2 Group Q+A/Hot Seat Coaching Calls

- Facebook community to stay connected + accountable with other members during the 6 week program

- Lifetime access recordings of trainings and Q+A calls to re-visit in the future

How The Group Program Works:
⚡You will have access to re-watch the the replays of each session which will be rich with teachings as well as personalized coaching & integration practices in your day-to-day life
⚡In-between group calls, you will be inside of our group Voxer chat M-F for questions, coaching moments, sisterhood connection, celebration, and accountability
⚡On each group session I will be diving into a specific teaching and we'll have live hot seat coaching

+ Q & A
⚡You will receive answers to questions you didn’t even know you had by witnessing another member of the program receive coaching

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Anything's Possible 6 week program for business owners only?

A: No! The program is perfect for go-getter women across all occupations. The practices and coaching you will receive is applicable to any desired area of your life!

Please note: as Valerie is shifting her business to serve more entrepreneurs in growing their impact & income, The Anything's Possible Group Program is the last live coaching experience for the foreseeable future that will be open for women who are not currently business owners. If you've been wanting to work with Valerie in an intimate capacity, this is the space for you!

Q: When does Anything's Possible 6 week program begin?

A. We will kick off January 2023!

Q: How much access will I get to Valerie?

A: You will be able to receive customized hot seat style coaching from Valerie on weekly Group Coaching calls plus you can ask questions & receive feedback and laser coaching from Valerie via the Group Voxer Chat M-F throughout the 6 weeks in the program.

Q: What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

A: Feel free to message Valerie directly on Instagram @themindfulbabe to chat further about Anything's Possible Group Program!

Q: I recently discovered Valerie, where can I learn more about her and get a feel for her energy?

A: If you are newer to Valerie and want to get a feel for her energy, feel free to listen to The Mindful Babes Podcast where you will find over 130+ episodes. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Podbean🎙️Listen to The Mindful Babes Podcast HERE

“I loved how Valerie is straight forward but also asks all the right questions to get me thinking in my own way, for me to guide myself!” 

- Rave

“Her approach to the work is done in an ambitious  and positive manner. We covered a lot in a short amount of time! - - - I felt safe enough to open up to her, like I could ask her questions about anything!"

- Samantha

“Valerie is amazing! She has this calm energy about her and always brings up great questions to ask yourself to uncover the answers you need. She meets you where you're at and is very understanding yet will push you at the same time. I loved her feedback and reframes around my limiting beliefs those were game changers for me! And I felt like she really understood me, which was what I needed”

- Bailey

“I loved that she’s lived this herself! She never judges and always supports and genuinely invests her time and energy into her clients and their goals. She brings in top notch guest speakers as well!”

- Allison Ziegler

“I loved that Valerie kept me grounded with putting her finger on things that I could change for the better while encouraging me to explore how I want my dream relationship to feel before I even have it.”

– Madeline Penn

“I loved how real, open & honest Valerie was with us during the program. She was always there to support us in the best way she could & have us honest feedback to help us grow.”

- Amanda Morrish

Step into the vortex where: your desires manifest into your reality fast because your inner game is so dialed in 🔥🔥

We start in January, are you in, gorgeous?!


If you have questions or desire to speak directly with Valerie about joining Anything's Possible 6 Week Group Program, send her a message on Instagram @themindfulbabe