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The Inner Growth Queen Masterclass Bundle

It’s so easy to look outside of ourselves and say, “Once I have _____, then I’ll be happy” 

We live in a society that pressures us to believe we need to have “something to show” - the relationship, money, house, car, etc. 

Sure society can view external things as a flex...

But the REAL flex is:

💎Having rock soli, unf*ckwithable boundaries

💎Lighting your own fire inside

💎Being SO confident in who you are and what you bring to the table in every relationship

💎Feeling empowered around money & you ability to attract it 

💎Knowing that YOU hold your power, not anybody else.

💎Being able to cut through fear so you can unapologetically pursue your dreams

💎Being the powerful co-creator of your reality & being in the driver seat of how life gets to work for you.

For the first time EVER, Valerie's most potent and powerful Masterclass trainings from the Vault have been packaged together inside of ONE juicy place for you to have unlimited access to breakthroughs, mindset shifts, and internal upgrades for life!


Masterclasses Inside of the Inner Growth Queen Masterclass Bundle:

The Upgrade Masterclass:

Learn the 3 necessary mindset upgrades that you can apply NOW to attract abundance as a standard in your reality.

I’m going to teach you the 3 necessary mindset upgrades that you need in order to be a woman who experiences financial abundance as her norm💰👠

In The Upgrade Masterclass I'll be teaching you:

💰The 3 keys to amplify your money mindset so that your relationship with money becomes a joyful, easy, and empowering

💰 A new and empowering lens to view money from so that you have an easier time with attracting it, spending it, and keeping it.

💰The one sneaky energetic leak that may be keeping you from attracting money in & how to "clean it up" so you unlock the flow of abundance into your life! 

💰 My go-to practices for increasing my ability to receive money from both expected and unexpected sources & how to keep yourself open to the abundance that is available to you at all times!

Next Level Mindset Shifts Masterclass:

Uncover the mindset practices I’ve used to: build a multi-6 figure/year online business, attract my dream relationship, live my passion daily, & design the life of my dreams. 

You’re ready for a HUGE breakthrough.

You’re going all in on your dreams, or making the next BIG move in your career, or you’re letting yourself be seen by bringing your passion FRONT & CENTER!

And you want to overcome:


-Self doubt

-Playing small

So you can get to your next level FASTER! 🔥

We create a remarkable life not ONLY from the things we do, rather the mind BEHIND it!

In this Masterclass, I will be sharing the mindset practices I’ve used to: built a multi-6 figure/year online business, attract my dream relationship, live my passion daily, & design the life of my dreams.

The Space Between Masterclass:

 Learn how to create goals that turn you ON and set yourself up for an abundant, fulfilling, and successful year. It's time to bring your vision board to life. 

You are a woman who has her finger on the pulse of her desires 

You know where you want to be.

And you know where you are right now. 

This is the gap.

The space between where you are and where you are headed. 

What you do with the gap and IN the gap determines how you’ll get to the other side. 

Who are you IN the gap? 

In The Space Between Masterclass you will learn: 

+ The identity shift that occurs in the gap between where you are now & where you want to be.

+ How to create goals that turn you on - that open you up to magic (the magic needed for them to happen) 

+ How to enjoy the gap - which inevitably shortens the amount of time you are in the void space. 

Set yourself up for an abundant, fulfilling, and successful year ahead - one that blows you away!

We don’t wait until next year or next month or next time. 

Let's move and create momentum toward your dreams and goals NOW.

The Respected Masterclass:

Master the art to creating & upholding boundaries in a classy & authentic way. Receive respect in every situation and become unf*ckwithable in your standards. 

There is a misconception I hear often from women about boundaries. 

They are harsh. Cold. Will be interpreted as mean. 

When we see boundaries as this, we struggle to get behind them. 

We struggle to create them, uphold them, and feel safe with them. 

You are not cold. You are not mean. So how could boundaries make you that way?

I believe that boundaries are a gift you give to other people.

You are teaching others how to have a better relationship with you. 

How to have access to your energy in a way that will honor them AND you. 

Whether it be: your friend, your colleague, your romantic partner, your sister in-law, your client, a person you are dating 

When boundaries are crossed we feel, resentful, guarded, and may even want to avoid being around this person. 

Or we will feel uncomfortable & bend, say yes "just this one time" and feel resentful.

This can be very confusing when it’s somebody you care about. Or somebody you can’t avoid - a colleague. Or a friend. 

Boundaries command respect & are born from a woman trusting herself. 

Boundaries teach people how to be in relationship with you. 

Boundaries benefit YOU and the people in your life

Boundaries AREN'T about:

  • Saying the right thing so somebody will “get” it
  • It comes down to teaching people in your life how to have a stronger relationship with you. 
  • Strong women have boundaries.
  • Super ambitious women have boundaries. 
  • Busy women have boundaries.
  • Boundaries strengthen relationships meant to grow & will weed out those who aren't here to respect you.

In the Respected Masterclass you will learn: 

⚡️ The art to creating boundaries in a classy & authentic way.

⚡️ How to step into the most powerful version of you who receives respect in any situation. 

⚡️ When to create or reinforce boundaries. 

⚡️ How to make boundaries become a second nature, automatic part of your life.

⚡️ The energetics & tangible steps to mastering boundaries

Unstoppable Masterclass:

Tap into the mindset and fire within of the woman gets everything she desires out of life. Learn how to go from stuck & blocked to clear and motherf'ing unstoppable. Both trainings include 2 powerful visualization practices that you can use over and over again any time you feel blocked.

An unstoppable woman has the inherent nature to relentlessly pursue the things she desires most in life and WON'T be stopped by any PERSON or any THING. 

The unstoppable woman doesn’t let circumstances, society, or other people tell her what she can and can’t do. Or what is possible or not possible for HER.

She decides. She makes her own “rules” 

She gets what she wants out of life.

Inside the Unstoppable 2 Part Masterclass we dive into: 

🔥 Understanding the mindset of how an unstoppable woman gets what she desires out of life & how to apply to your life now

🔥 Techniques to shift from feeling stuck/blocked into taking inspired action that will reap rewards

🔥 Accessing clarity so you can move forward in your life NOW & reach your goals faster than you imagined 

Both recordings from Part 1 & Part 2 include a training & guided meditations/visualizations to unlock your magic, power, and possibility.

Everything you desire in your life is on the other side of your relationship with YOU.

The Inner Growth Queen Masterclass Bundle is your ticket.

The uplevels & the growth are at your finger tips, waiting for you! Are you ready?


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many trainings are inside of the Inner Growth Queen Masterclass Bundle?

A: Trainings from 5 Masterclasses, one of the Masterclass has 2 parts so 6 training videos total!

Q: Is there any live coaching or support inside?

A: No, the content inside of the bundle is pre-recorded and it is a self-guided experience.

Q: How long will I have to access the trainings inside of the bundle?

A: Your purchase includes immediate & lifetime access to the bundle !

Q: Is the Inner Growth Queen Masterclass bundle only for entrepreneurs?

A: Nope! All trainings inside are for growth minded women across any and all occupations!