The ultimate self-love course to help you increase your confidence, claim your power & become OBSESSED with your life!


You were made for WAY MORE than putting yourself last, battling negative self-talk, and constantly wondering if you’re doing something “wrong"

You wake up in the morning, excited to get out of bed and dive into rituals that feel amazing. 

You enjoy getting ready for your day because you LOVE the woman you see standing in front of you in the mirror.

You know that you are about to embark on a day of joy and possibility

You walk around with your head held high, self-esteem through the roof, and you notice people just LOVE to be around you. 

You attract new opportunities, new people, and abundance into your life.

You trust your intuition & trust that you are on your perfect path.

Your friends and family tell you, “I don’t know what it is, but you just seem so happy!” 

& for the first time in a long time, you know, you are TRULY where you're meant to be💕

1. You get pressure from people in your life (maybe even yourself) to be further along, when really you are in the perfect place - but you haven't recognized it yet!

2. You’ve compared yourself to other women when really YOU are the prize (and have been this whole time!) - there's never been any "competition"

3. You’ve listened to that voice in your head saying you aren’t enough for years — what you needed to realize is that you are MORE than enough & always have been!

Just a few years ago, I was right where you are. I remember struggling with my self-esteem for most of my life and was constantly overcompensating to be accepted.

I had some self-sabotaging habits (shopping to fill a void, over eating & then over exercising/skipping meals to “punish” myself, gossiping 24/7, drinking to the point of blacking out - JUST to name a few). 

It wasn’t until I went on my own personal development journey and I learned how to peel back the layers that had me feel unworthy & completely shifted the way I looked at myself and fell in love with ME, became OBSESSED with my life, started a business, and truly owned my power.  

From that amazing space of self-love, I attracted my dream partner Ryan and have created an online personal development company that has generated over 6 figures/year since 2020.

Having now invested $45,000 into my own personal development - courses, certifications, coaching & seminars, I am SO excited to teach you what I’ve learned & applied in my own life!

I am a Master Coach & Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming. Helping you to reprogram your mindset for self-love is my JAM! Let's do this!💕

Why It's a You Thing is Different From ANYTHING Else Out There:

Self-love is MUCH deeper than taking bubble baths & screen shotting inspirational quotes...

Self-love is about saying no to what doesn’t light you up, drawing boundaries with toxic people, put yourself first even when it’s scary, and stepping into your power in all areas. 

I’m not just going to throw a bunch of affirmations at you (yes, I love affirmations as they are a great tool).

I am going to show you how to SHOW THE F*CK UP for yourself fully, let go of that BS *voice* in your head telling you you aren’t enough, or that it’s easy for HER, but not for you, raise your standards in all area of your life, and fall in love with yourself. 

Inside It's a You Thing:

  • Learn how to set up juicy rituals to incorporate in your day-to-day (no matter how busy you are) so you can feel high vibe 7 days a week.
  • Become fierce at setting boundaries (I will show you how to do this subtly & with class) so you never feel taken advantage of again
  • Negative self-talk, low standards, self-doubt COMPLETELY GONE *see ya never!*
  • A whole toolkit of self-love tools to be able to protect your energy, activate your self-esteem, and prepare the space for your dream relationship.
  • No more feeling icky & worried about money It’s been replaced with feeling SUPER abundant & SUPER supported by money.

Here's How We're Going to Get There Together:

This is a self-guided course! Each module includes at least one training video (some modules have 2) + an interactive workbook so you can learn how to bring the tools to life & affirmations to seal the deal!

You will be accessing all materials through an online course hub called Thinkific you can take the course at whichever pace feels good for you.

You get lifetime access to all material inside!


We are going to get clear on the areas of your life you are looking to upgrade! The thing about working on ONE area of your life is that it often trickles into OTHER areas. How you do one thing is how you do all things. 

We’ll cover:

  • How to get crystal clear on the areas of your life you are ready to upgrade - and what it will take from you!
  • Letting your desires flow through you & powerfully declaring what you want!
  • The art of focusing your intention on bringing your desires to life
  • Module 1 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


Here is where we are going to change your life! You see, growth and happiness doesn’t come from doing something big once, it comes from the little things you do every day. We are going to get you set up with INCREDIBLE self-love practices that feel so yummy and nourishing for your body, mind, and soul!

We’ll cover: 

  • Rituals to get you excited to jump out of bed in the morning
  • The art of dating yourself - deepen the relationship with you & enjoy sacred time spoiling yourself
  • Self-care IS self-love, I will share all my favorite self-care activities with you
  • Module 2 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


I love asking clients this question: “If your dream partner showed up tomorrow, would you have space for them?”. The answers I hear would shock you! We will be talking about how to really prepare the space energetically and even physically for your dream partner to walk in (this act alone SPEEDS up the process of them showing up!) 

We’ll cover:

  • Finding the areas of your life that are leaking energy 
  • Forgiveness & letting go of ex partners
  • How to clear out toxicity from your life (friendships, coworkers, ex’s)
  • Establishing boundaries and ACTUALLY honoring them! I will show you how to do this in a gentle and classy way.
  • Module 3 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


How you feel about yourself is EVERYTHING! There are things you may be doing each day that chip away at your self-esteem. It’s time to rebuild it - I will teach you how to increase your self-worth steadily so that you feel it grow daily! 

We’ll cover: 

  • The sneaky ways you may be letting yourself down daily
  • Quick confidence & self-esteem boosts to inject into your life daily
  • Living from the version of you who is always in integrity with herself
  • Module 4 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


How does talking about money make you feel? How about YOUR current reality around money? Do you find yourself holding on tightly to money? Spending lots of it? Feeling like there’s not enough?

We’ll cover:

  • How to feel abundant every day + create the relationship with money that you desire
  • Tips for tapping into abundance fast
  • Making personal upgrades in your life + energy 
  • Module 5 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


How would you like it if things just seemed to ALWAYS be working out for you in your favor and you had unexpected blessings show up? You CAN create this or yourself. 

We’ll cover: 

  • Looking at how you’ve lived your life up until this point
  • Setting rules for how life gets to work for you (the fun kind!)
  • How to find a flow that feels good for you each day
  • Module 6 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


Getting clear on what you desire is the first step, and how about ACTUALLY bringing it to life? You will learn how to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage and all of my favorite manifestation hacks. 

We’ll cover: 

  • A powerful tool to help you bring your desires to life 
  • Manifestation rituals + law of attraction hacks 
  • Module 7 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


Do you ever feel like you’re trying to force things and in a constant go-go-go energy? Do you desire to relax without falling “behind”? What if you could allow more magic into your life without DO-ing as much?

We’ll cover: 

  • The balance between masculine + feminine energy
  • How to bring your inner little girl alive
  • Ways to allow joy, love, and abundance to flow into your life
  • Module 8 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️

And how about extra BONUSES to help you get there even faster?


Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique process to help diffuse limiting beliefs and physical pain

$197 Value Included in It's a You Thing ✔️


Ever feel impatient about why the HELL all the things you desire haven’t come to you yet? Together we will overcome feelings of jealousy and not being “there” yet. I share my favorite techniques for staying positive even I feel impatient.

We’ll cover:

  • How to overcome the need for instant gratification
  • Shifting from the need for validation to self-assurance
  • How to celebrate every little thing & boost your manifesting power
  • BONUS: Module 9 Workbook + affirmations 

$333 Value    Included in It’s a You Thing ✔️


Q. What is It's a YOU Thing?

A. It's a YOU Thing is a 9 module self-guided course for ambitious women who are ready to do the inner work to raise their self-esteem, improve their self-talk, fall in love with themselves, and feel more confident than ever!

Q. I've purchased a program from you before, do I already have some of the trainings/materials?

A. NOPE! It's a You Thing is all brand new, never before seen content (with the exception of the bonus EFT Tapping video I threw in as a special bonus!)

Q. Do I get support from Valerie directly? 

A. It's a You Thing is not a private coaching program, however you will find it is the ONLY place you need to go to learn all the self-love tools you'll need. The course is 100% self-paced & does not include access to Valerie.

Q. How does it work? 

A. Once you enroll you will receive an email explaining next steps as well as an email to create your account in Thinkific (where your entire course + bonuses can be accessed).

Q. Why Should I invest in It's a You Thing? 

A. It's a You Thing will teach you how to increase your confidence, take your power back, & become OBSESSED with your life. If you find yourself struggling with self-love as a single woman or wondering if you're doing something "wrong" this is the course for you!

Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. No we do not!

Q. I may just join next time! When are you planning on opening up It's a You Thing again?

A. We currently have zero plans to re-launch It's a You Thing after this!

Q. Should I do It's a You Thing or private coaching?

A. Private coaching is high-level, high touch, intimate experience for women ready to dive into inner work & receive my undivided support for 3 months. Private coaching is a high four-figure investment. If you want to learn more, send Valerie a message directly on Instagram @themindfulbabe

Q.Have a question that isn’t listed? 

A. DM me on Instagram @themindfulbabe and ask me!


Tiffany realizes her self-worth through doing the inner work!:

Michaela is more clear on what she deserves than ever before:

Angela found her dream partner as a result of using self-love tools:

Emily knows her value now & has her standards set high for her dream relationship (which she's now in!!!) :

& that's a good thing! It means that you care & that you're motivated to change your life. If investing in It's a You Thing scares you, question to ask yourself is what is the price you're paying by NOT fully loving yourself, playing small, and constantly doubting yourself?

Smart women LOVE investing in shortcuts because they know that money will ALWAYS come back - but time? There's a limited amount of it. It's a You Thing IS that shortcut for you.


Coach Valerie 💕