Are you ready to find love but feel like there's something holding you back? Do feel like you need to work on yourself first before you can attract your dream partner?

✔️ Have you been hurt before and have fears of it happening again?  

✔️ Are you unsure of exactly what you desire in a partner & attract men you are incompatible with?

✔️ Are you constantly "waiting for the other shoe to drop" when you start seeing a man & it hard trust men?

✔️ Do you have walls that are super high and no man has been able to bring them down? 

✔️ Do you find yourself thinking about your ex/ex's & find it hard to get over them?

✔️ Have you found it challenging to attract emotionally available men?

You desire to:

💗 Feel open and free when it comes to dating.

💗 Let your guard down & form deep connection.

💗 Date without worry and be your authentic self.

💗 Finally move through what's been holding you back & start feeling excited for dating.

If you answered YES to any of these, it could mean that your heart is blocked. Let's open it up together so that you can experience amazing love this year!  

I've put together the modules and trainings that have helped tons of my private clients & students unblock their heart and date with confidence & now I'm giving them to you in one place! 


I remember what it felt like after watching most of my friends get engaged and married and wondering why I was so “behind”. 

I was single for 3 years in my mid-late 20’s and had convinced myself that I was living in the wrong city, all the good men were taken, and that I would have to DRASTICALLY settle to have a man want to commit to me. 

I constantly worried about other women being “competition” and felt like dating was a lot of work and meant to be anxious and heart-wrenching. 

I remember getting soo excited after a first date thinking it went really well only to be disappointed when I never heard from him again. 

I convinced myself that I had too many flaws and insecurities for a man to want to marry me - I had to completely transform to be dateable. 

I decided to hire a coach to support me through this. I had no idea what my blind spots in dating and my mindset were and I needed to go deep within myself to clear what had been blocking me. 

I dove into personal development and changed my thought process from “it’s never going to happen for me” to “I’m going to attract the most amazing 10/10 relationship, I KNOW my partner is there.

Less than a year of going ALL IN, I met my partner Ryan who pursued me and treated me like a Queen. 

I can't wait to teach you how to do the same.

Now is your time to heal & to open yourself to love

5 Powerful Video Training Modules +Workbooks to Unblock Your Heart & Open You Up to Receive Love

Module One: Lets Get You Clear

Deciding what you want and WHY you want it. In this module you are going to get crystal clear on your why & it will become your driving force for all your desires. 

This is the ground work you must do in order to attract what you desire. The process inside here can be applied to ANY other area of your life.  

Value: $497 Included in Love Unblocked ✔️

Module Two: What's Standing in The Way? 

Limiting Beliefs: Where They Come From & How to Eliminate Them.This work is super important for you to understand and get a hold of the beliefs that are stopping you from attracting your dream relationship.

*My Limiting Belief Eliminator process is your gateway to freedom and creating a new set of beliefs that serve you!*

Value: $497 Included in Love Unblocked ✔️

Module Three: What Am I Holding Onto?

Forgiving It All: Release Resentment, Anger, Shame, Guilt, Sadness to Open Yourself for Love. 

This will be a BIG shift for you! In this module you finally have the chance to let go of the emotional baggage that always finds a way to sabotage your dating progress.

 Value: $497 Included in Love Unblocked ✔️

Module Four: How Do I Attach In Love?

In this module you will learn a VERY helpful piece of information that has a heavy impact on your relationships - your Attachment Style! 

You will learn your attachment style has impacted your past relationships & become aware of your pattens and tendencies. You will learn how to choose your next partner from an empowered space. Lots of AH-HAH moments in this module!

Value: $497 Included in Love Unblocked ✔️ 

BONUS Module: Compatibility Plan Workshop

Save yourself years of your life from selecting the wrong partner! Ever hear people say "we just wanted different things"?

Wouldn't it be great to be clear to attract your match from the beginning? In this bonus module, you will learn the exact list I used to attract Ryan with 98% accuracy.

MAGIC will happen after you create yours! 

Value: $497 Included in Love Unblocked ✔️

Testimonials From My Clients Who Have Used The Tools Inside of Love Unblocked: 

What you receive inside of Love Unblocked:

✔️Module 1: Let's Get You Clear + Workbook Value $497

Module 2: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs + Workbook Value $497

Module 3: Forgiveness Your First Class Ticket to Freedom + Workbook Value $497

Module 4: How Do I Attach in Love? + Workbook Value $497

✔️ BONUS: Compatibility Blueprint Training + Workbook Value $497

✔️ Lifetime access to all content inside + future updates (Priceless)

Total Value: $2,485


I created a deeper love for myself. I was free from shame, guilt, and worry. I was lighter from letting go of anger. I knew without a doubt that love was possible. I attracted men, friends, and positive experiences. & of course, met my soulmate without even trying.  

All from the modules inside of Love Unblocked are for you to open up your heart to attract your dream partner.  

Breakthroughs from Clients Currently Doing The Modules Inside of Love Unblocked


Q: Why should I invest in Love Unblocked?

A: Love Unblocked is your ultimate fast pass to clearing out beliefs that have been holding you back as providing tools for you to re-program your mindset so that you can open up your heart to attract your dream partner.

Q: What if I'm busy and can't complete Love Unblocked right now?

A: That's perfect! Love Unblocked is 100% self paced so you can do the modules and workbooks inside when you have the time and space. Although, I will say, if you want to overcome what's been keeping you stuck & attract love sooner, I'm sure you'll prioritize Love Unblocked!

Q: How will course material be delivered?

A: You will gain access to all 5 modules + workbooks once my team grants you access to Thinkific where Love Unblocked is hosted.

Q: Will there be any calls or live coaching from Valerie?

A: Because Love Unblocked is completely self-paced, there are no calls or support from Valerie.

Q: How is this different than working with Valerie privately?

A: My private coaching is a four figure investment and is very high-touch where you will receive unlimited support. If that's something that sounds like a better fit for you, send my team a message at and we will send you an application.

Q: I don't think I can afford Love Unblocked right now, when will it be available next?

A: I have no plans to offer Love Unblocked again at this time. Future launches aren't guaranteed. If it does come back, the price will be higher. This is the most affordable way to receive the tools my private clients receive to become unblocked!

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the instant access of course training material, I do not offer refunds.

I have talked with hundreds of women just like you who are READY for their dream relationship....

The women who go all in and invest, get MASSIVE results & make fast progress toward attracting love.

The women who don't - I see them in the exact same place even a year later.

Let's NOT have that be your story.

Let me ask you, if nothing were to change in your love life, how would you feel a year from now?

Your time is now! What are you waiting for?!