The Magnetic Soulmate Attraction bundle is for the single woman who is ready to transform her dating experience, elevate her mindset & confidence, and learn the practices to attract her dream partner. 

Bundle of 11 hours of trainings, workbooks, and journal prompts.

Inside of Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Bundle you'll learn: 

💗 How to create a positive mindset around love and dating and how to feel confident around who you are and what you have to offer to a potential partner. 

💗 How to attract high quality potential partners via your mindset and the energy you embody. 

💗How to feel more empowered in the dating process and attract emotionally available potential partners who are ready for something serious 

💗 The ways to magnetize your dream partner into your life via your mindset, energy, and aligned action.

💗 How to get ultra clear on what’s most important to you in a dream partner so it no longer feels like you’re taking a shot in the dark and you can attract high quality potential partners you are compatible with.

💗 How to go from having frustrating, dead end conversations on dating apps to spending more time on actual IRL dates 

💗 Powerful self-love exercises to guide you in releasing what’s been holding you back and opening yourself up to attract the love of your life 

💗 Your dating personality and the steps to make a dating plan that feels exciting, sustainable, and involves going on dates with high quality potential partners. 

The Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Bundle will support you to:

✔️ Stop wasting our valuable time with men who are not looking for anything serious and only be attracting people who value your time. 

✔️ Stop spending hours and even days messaging back and forth on dating apps only to have the conversation fall off. You are deserving of spending more time IRL getting to know potential partners. 

✔️ Learn the habits of a woman who confidently magnetizes quality men into her reality so you can release the need to try and control, move things along, or worrying about if your person is out there. 

✔️ Prepare yourself for your soulmate to come into your life via your thoughts, beliefs, desires, and energy. 

✔️ Experience the joy of being in your feminine energy and being pursued in the dating process.

Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Includes: 15 powerful trainings from the vault, bundled together to support you in transforming your dating life and elevating your confidence so you can attract your soulmate sooner rather than later!

I'm Ready to Attract My Soulmate!

Inside Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Bundle:

Secrets to Activate Love Training Series:

3 powerful lessons + exercises to activate love (both self & others) & elevate your mindset 🧠forever!

Trainings Include:

Law of Attraction Shortcuts: learn how to super charge your power and learn the short-cuts to having the Law of Attraction be your BFF.

Mindset Wired for Love :we'll dive in to programming your subconscious to expect love & feel it on a deep level.

Self-Assurance Activation: step into the most confident & self-assured version of you (a.k.a. the REAL you).

Includes: 3 trainings & 3 integrative workbooks

How To Go From Casual to Committed Training Series

Learn how to go from underwhelming, inconsistent dating experiences to fun and excitement with high quality potential partners.

Trainings Include:

Training 1: Mindset + Beliefs Around Love:We are going to take a look at what beliefs have been standing in your way & discover the mindset it takes to attract real love.

Training 2: Aligning Your Core Values To Be a “Forever Girl”

I hate to say it but men put women in categories very quickly. You are either a "for fun" girl or a "forever girl". You want to be the woman he makes dinner reservations for, not the last minute "hey wanna come over?" girl. We will talk about how to embody the Forever Girl!

Training 3: What Men Desire Most 

Men and women don't desire the same things when it comes to dating. You giving him what YOU want to receive can be a turn off to him. You will learn what men crave when dating a woman.

Training 4: Dating with Confidence 

Dating doesn't have to be stressful, high anxiety, disappointing or icky. It can feel fun, easy, and joyful. I will show you how you can feel instantly more confident in dating.

Training 5: Going from Casual to Committed

What makes men want to commit to a woman? They see a real future with her. The house, marriage, kids - all of it. I am going to show you what has men motivated to take these women "off the market"

Included: 5 pre-recorded trainings plus 5 corresponding workbooks + affirmations

First Comes You: 5 Day Self-Love Challenge

You can have it all & feel confident in all areas of your life.

Nobody can give you the love you aren't willing to give yourself. Life is too short to spend a day anything less than loving yourself.

It's time to finally put YOU first, isn't it?

Inside of First Comes You 5 Day Challenges we'll cover:

  • Tools to increase self-confidence
  • Exercises to eliminate self-doubt
  • How to be magnetizing on a daily basis
  • Experiences to increase intimacy within yourself

& much more!

Includes: 5 pre-recorded trainings & daily challenges

Inbox to In-Person Messaging Playbook:

How to Navigate Conversations on Dating Apps or Texting So You Can Spend More Time on IRL Dates

Flirting, Texting, and How to Handle The In-Between of Dates & Handle Tricky Situations Playbook

25 of the most common scenarios that come up in texting/messaging and how to respond so you can either:

-Weed out time-wasters

-Spend LESS time on dating apps/messaging and MORE time on dates with high quality potential partners.

 Included: Playbook PDF with 25 of the most common early dating scenarios and how to respond to them.

66 Journaling Prompts For The Single Woman

One of the most powerful ways to process emotions and gain clarity is through journaling. These prompts are specifically designed for the single woman who desires to attract her dream partner. These prompts dive into the areas of: self-love, relationships, self-esteem/confidence, desires, body love, etc.

Included: PDF of 66 Journal Prompts

Summer of Love: Dating Workshop

-Find out what may be blocking love from finding you 

-Create space for your dream partner to come in 

-Get clear on your plan toward the best summer of your life filled with the love of your life

-Hear Q+A with Valerie from single women ready to attract love

Includes: 90 minute pre-recorded workshop

The bundle is PERFECT for you if you are:

💗 Single and currently dating or you would like to start dating in the future

💗You LOVE growing and you desire to be the most confident and empowered version of yourself in the dating process

💗You are currently taking a break from dating and want to use this time intentionally to work on yourself

💗You are ready to attract your soulmate and desire to meet this person sooner rather than later!

Inside the Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Bundle: 

✔️How to Go From Casual to Committed Training Series (& 5 Corresponding Workbooks)

✔️Secrets to Activate Love Training Series (& 3 Corresponding Workbooks)

✔️Summer of Love Dating Workshop

✔️First Comes You 5 Day Self-Love Challenge 

✔️66 Journal Prompts For The Single Woman
✔️Inbox to In-Person Messaging Playbook 

✔️$333 credit to use for any course, program, Mastermind, or coaching package of this price or higher within 2 weeks of bundle purchase

15 trainings totaling over 11 hours!

Client Successes:

"I was looking at this photo my friend Ron took yesterday and I can’t help thinking this is because of you— your trainings & work shifted me & the Universe to make this moment happen ♥️ thank you for supporting me Valerie

Back in 2020 I was DONE dating men who weren’t right for me. Valerie’s work supported me in calling in my King, but more than that it supported me in trusting myself & trusting the Universe. 

2 years later: I’m about to go on an adventure to Africa & Europe with him and our friends. (Legit packing rn) I’ve attracted not only my soulmate but also a whole group of soul aligned friends."

-Gemma D., Actress & Spiritual Life Coach

About Valerie Adams:

Hi Beautiful, I remember what it felt like after watching most of my friends get engaged and married and wondering why I was so “behind”. I was single for 3 years in my mid-late 20’s and had convinced myself that I was living in the wrong city, all the good men were taken, and that I would have to DRASTICALLY settle to have a man want to commit to me. 

I constantly worried about other women being “competition” and felt like dating was a lot of work and meant to be anxious and heart-wrenching. 

In 2018, I dove into personal development, hired mentors, attended seminars, took a ton of courses and completely transformed my relationship with ME which allowed me to be an energetic match for my dream partner.

Less than a year of going ALL IN on me, I met my partner Ryan who pursued me and treated me like a Queen & we've together for over three years now!
Today we live together in an incredible 4 bedroom home in Orange County, have an adorable dog named Bugga, and are constantly planning our next adventures together.

I've supported over 250+ single women in: building their confidence in dating, dramatically enhancing their dating experience, and attracting their soulmate.

You can have this too, let me show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will I have access to Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Bundle after purchase?

A: You will have lifetime access to all content inside!

Q: Is this bundle for women in a relationship?

A:This bundle is intended for single women who are desiring to increase their confidence in the dating process, create a positive mindset, and attract their dream partner.

Q: I have a lot going on and am busy! Are there any live calls to attend or a curriculum I need to be on schedule with?

A: Nope! The Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Bundle is completely self-led meaning you can dive in to the trainings at your own pace. There is no set curriculum or order to move the material so you can start with any of the trainings that your intuition is leading you to. You can create your own experience with this bundle!

Q: Does the bundle include live coaching from Valerie?

A: All material inside is pre-recorded and does not include live coaching or support from Valerie. However, there are VIP upgrades available for private coaching, send Valerie a message on Instagram @themindfulbabe to learn more about upgrade options!

Q: Are these trainings a part of any programs or courses?

A: A very small group of people have seen these trainings as they were taught live in 2020 & 2021. They are not sold anywhere with the exception of the Inbox to In Person Playbook inside of The Casual to Committed Academy, my 6 week course.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Due to the nature of this program, there will be no refunds granted for any reason.