I see you powerful woman.

You have a huge heart. 

You love people. 

You want to make an impact on the people in your life. 

You know that you are here to live a life that is full of joy.

Here is what you may be experiencing in your life right now (I was experiencing this when I was really starting to step into my power)

Deep down you know you can be don’t want to make people uncomfortable so you dim your light. 

You have things to share but you don’t want to offend anybody so you are agreeable. 

You don’t want to disappoint people so you often say yes to things you aren’t excited about and find yourself exhausted. 

You want to be there for everybody so you make yourself available even when you don't feel like - you feel drained.

There are desires you want to go after but you fear what people will think.

Here's what shifted for me is that I chose to access my power in different ways:

I worked on owning my voice. 

I doubled down on my self- trust. 

I created a deep understanding of who I am and what I stand for (and won't stand for). 

I practiced setting & enforcing boundaries even when it was scary. 

I doubled down on making decisions on behalf of the woman I was becoming vs the woman I was in that moment.

I accepted myself for who I am and let go of judgement.

I chose me first, even when it upset people.

There is a fire within you that wants to be ignited. 

A voice that wants to be heard loudly. 

An opinion that wants to be expressed.

A deep desire that wants to come alive. 

When you choose to stand in your power, own your worth and your voice, some people won’t like it. They may not have the nicest things to say. 

This may be your worst fear. As a recovering people pleaser, it used to be mine. 

You are powerful. 

You are a leader in your life. 

You owning your power in an even deeper way will inspire so many others. 

Peace Out People Pleasing will bridge the gap

You ready?!

Self guided course for women who are ready to step into the most bold & expressed version of themselves.

  • You will feel safe in your relationships
  • Never fear conflict
  • Learn how to articulate your needs 
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback 
  • Have your relationships be a source that adds to your life not takes away from it 
  • Feel free to speak up when you have something to say
  • Express your opinion knowing it may be different than the other person’s 
  • Understand how to create authentic boundaries
  •  Trust yourself to make decisions quickly without overthinking
  • Understand the type of relationships you want in your life (romantic & non-romantic)
  • Learn how to experience fulfillment and freedom in your relationships without sacrificing your authenticity 
  • You will see disagreements & conflict as an opportunity for growth
  • You can feel confident in the type of relationships you align with.
  • You feel secure in who you are and what you have to offer.

Hi! I’m Valerie, Certified Master Success Coach & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)! 

I am OBSESSED with guiding women to access their power and create the life they’ve always been destined for. 

My #1 goal is for my clients to learn to trust themselves, step into who they were meant to be, and step into the powerful creator of their reality!

I wasn’t always the leader you see today...

My whole life I’ve always known I was meant for something big.

I had gifts to really see the greatness in people and hold incredible space.

I’ve always been the friend people came to for advice, or encouragement and I LOVED it. 

I was so scared of my light and my power that I put myself in situations that forced me to dim it. 

I dimmed my light by dating men who were the life of the party, watering down my truth & what I had to say to make sure I wasn’t offending anybody. I was people-pleasing left and right because I couldn’t stand the thought of somebody being unhappy with me.

In 2018 when I had my spiritual awakening, it became so clear to me that I had been sleeping on my power. 

Shortly after that realization, my life completely shifted - in all areas.

I started my online coaching business, went on an intense healing and transformational journey, left my high paying corporate career, met my soulmate, and shed the identity I had held onto for 28 years. 

Today I trust myself immensely. I trust my path, the process, the twists, the turns, the WTF moments. I know I’m supported. 

Running an online business for over 2 years & on track to generate multiple 6-figures, I’ve learned some powerful lessons and tools that I am passionate about sharing with you. 

No matter what your career is, I am a stand for women who want to live a life that feels good to them. 

I would be so thrilled & honored to be a part of your journey!


When you enroll, you will receive:

  • 7 Powerful previously recorded trainings to support you in overcoming people pleasing
  • Workbooks with powerful reflection prompts to integrate trainings
  • Lifetime access to content inside & any future updates

Training One: The Foundation - You + Your Energy

We are going to take inventory of where you are energetically. What is leaking your energy? We are going to identify where in your life you aren’t completely fulfilled and focus on shifting. You’ll identify some areas that your mindset gets to shift to set a foundation for you to feel empowered in your relationships. 

Training Two: Overcoming People Pleasing & Finding Balance

It is natural that you desire to be liked by others. Is this costing you your quality of life? We are going to uncover the pieces of you that have been dimmed, covered up, or buried and look at what you get to create now. It’s safe to take it off. WHO are you when you aren’t trying to be everything for everybody? This training will teach you how to activate your voice!

Training Three: How to Create Self-Trust & Your Ability to Make Decisions

Do you get stuck in analysis paralysis? Do you tend to survey a bunch of people to ask what you “should” do or what you “should” choose? Now that we are creating new patterns for you, you will learn how to be grounded and confident in your decisions and make them FAST!

Training Four: You + Aligned Friendships & Relationships

Oftentimes they will attract people who they can’t fully be themselves around. Does your circle represent people who you feel connected with or are they a reflection of your past desires to fit in & be liked. Does your romantic relationship feel fulfilling? If you are single, are you attracting worthwhile dating experiences.

Training Five: Becoming a Boundaries Badass  

You + boundaries = your greatest love affair. Have you struggled with creating and maintaining boundaries? Do you feel cold or mean when you put a boundary up so instead you just don’t and then you feel...dun dun dun...RESENTFUL. 

Resentment cuts you off from joy, abundance, and love. No bueno. After this training, you will have a completely new relationship with boundaries!

Training Six: The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

What is your relationship with feedback? Do you welcome it or avoid it at all costs? Have you ever been unaware of how a behavior was impacting somebody? What about relationships you want to improve?

Do you feel safe to let them know what’s not working and what you need more of? GONE are the days of muting yourself and “just dealing” with it. I will teach you how to powerfully give and receive feedback!

Training Seven: Navigating Conflict with Confidence

For any relationship that you plan to have in your life, there WILL be a time where conflict is involved. We will dive into how to navigate and move through conflict in different relationship dynamics. I will teach you my method to overcome conflict and also how to know when it’s time to address conflict or let go of the relationship.


Here's how my clients describe what it's like to work with me....

Peace Out People Pleasing is a self-guided courses.

Upon enrollment, you will receive immediate access to your student portal where you can begin to dive in and watch each training at your own pace. I recommend that you watch a training and use the next few days to apply what you have learned and complete the workbooks.

This is a completely self-pacing course & you can move through the content on your own terms!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m super busy right now. What if I can't complete the trainings quickly? 

A:  I get it! There is no right or wrong as to how quickly you complete these trainings. You have lifetime access to course material so dive in whenever you want and move at a pace that feels good for you!

Q: How much access will I get to Valerie? 

A: With self-paced courses, they are built to have everything you already need within them. Direct support from Valerie is not included with this course. If you would like to learn about how to work with Valerie inside of a Mastermind or Private Coaching, please send and DM on Instagram to Valerie @themindfulbabe

Q: What can I expect from Peace Out People Pleasing?

A: Profound shifts around how to start saying YES to you, tools to overcome people pleasing & build up your confidence.

 Q: Are you offering a payment plan?

A: Yes! Go ahead and click the checkout button to view all payment plan options!

 Q: Investing in myself makes me nervous. Any advice?

A: You are not investing in a program, you are investing on behalf of the woman you are becoming! It's normal for it to feel scary! It means you are on your way to expansion and a new level. When it comes to fear of investing I go back to my core belief that money is limitless and ALWAYS comes back...time on the other hand is limited and we never know how much of it we have. I recorded a podcast episode on how to overcome investing fears, feel free to listen HERE

Q: Can you guarantee specific results?

 A: The work I do is very sacred and I truly believe that the tools I teach when integrated can cause profound life shifts. DISCLAIMER: I don't guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials may not be typical for all students.

Q: What if I change my mind and want a refund?

A: There will be no refunds offered for this program. 

Q: I don't see my question on here!

A: Feel free to send me a message on Instagram @themindfulbabe and I'll be happy to answer it for you!

You are worthy of living for you unapologetically.

You are worthy of feeling safe & confident in your relationships.

You are worthy of fully standing in your power.

You are worthy of trusting yourself to make decisions.

You are worthy of experiencing complete freedom & fulfillment inside your relationships.

The time is now. Are you in?