The Offers aka OPPORTUNITIES you create in your business are your legacy.

People may not remember exactly what you said but they will never forget the opportunity you gave them to transform their life

Offers serve as the sacred vehicle for your soulmate clients to experience life changing transformation and say yes to their dreams and deepest desires becoming a reality.

You have the medicine. And you are here to share it. 

Without a clearly presented solution to their problem, it's hard for your soulmate client to say "Yes, I'm in"

Without clarity around how your offer will help your soulmate client get more of what they want out of life, they won't feel clear or confident to buy.

With having only one way to learn from you & work with you (1:1 work), it is a disservice to those who need you work but aren't ready for a high ticket experience.

In order to impact the masses, and receive amazing souls inside of your life- changing work, your business needs a variety of high value offers. 

Offers aren’t a means to an end or a means to make money, they are the divine expression of your purpose to impact humanity. 


🔥Helping more people than ever before WITHOUT feeling burnt out, overbooked or resentful. You feel energized, excited, and have more free time on your calendar than ever before  

🔥Creating programs and experiences with ease that have your ideal client say “this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!” And are excited to pay you right away. 

🔥Having new pathways in your business for people to join your world, learn from you & work with you at all different price points (let’s be real: not EVERYBODY is meant to be a 1:1 client) - let’s get new opportunities in the mix so you can impact more and more humans

🔥Being able to get an idea for a new offer and RUN with it. No more spending weeks/months overthinking, overanalyzing or stressing about what to include, price, etc. The idea drops in and BOOM you know how to package it so you can go out and sell & get paid right away 

Red Hot Offers is for you if:

-You desire to work with and serve more humans at once while having more time on your calendar than ever before 

-You’re ready for new people to constantly be finding you and saying “yes send me the link!” for new opportunities 

-You’re ready to scale your online business to the 6 figure + year mark or more and want to learn the exact product suite that will help you get there 

-You’re ready to set up new monthly recurring revenue in your business so you’re no longer scrambling to make a sale and living a reality where consistently receiving money in your business is standard and expected. 

In Red Hot Offers Group Program you will learn: 

🔥How to build a profitable product suite (for all levels from beginner/new business owner-experienced)

🔥How to build highly valuable offers that provide transformation for your client WITHOUT overwhelming them

🔥The type of offers to include in your business model to scale your revenue to 6 figures

🔥How to create offers that generate monthly recurring revenue in your business so you can get off the hamster wheel of feeling like you need to be constantly bringing in new sales every day

🔥How to decide on pricing for your offers and the strategy behind it

🔥How to strategically position your offer as irresistible to your soulmate client & make it a clear and easy YES for them to buy

🔥My Iressisble Offer Formula to go from idea/download to selling and receiving new clients 

🔥How to clearly articulate in your marketing the transformation and results your offer provides (for both tangible and intangible results)

🔥The types of content to post to help your ideal client feel excited about your offer, clear that they need it, and ready to join

Red Hot Offers is perfect for both newer AND experienced online coaches, and service providers!

Inside of Red Hot Offers Course You Get:

-5 pre-recorded trainings each ranging from 47-95 minutes

-Homework for each training

-Red Hot Offers Workbook

-Recording of Q+A Session

 -Private FB Community to access recordings, slides and homework 

-Lifetime access to all content inside

Live attendance/participation is not required for The Red Hot Offers program!

Red Hot Offers is now available as a self-guided course!


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