“I was at happy hour with co-worker last night & she told me I need to follow your page”

“My best friend sent me your post and I knew I wanted more”

“My friend ______ took your _____ program & said she loved it!”

There’s no better feeling than being talked about “behind your back” in a GOOD way because somebody is so blown away by you, your work, your message, your energy, etc and they want to sing your praises from the rooftops.

People OTHER THAN YOU can directly help build your business for you! How great is that?!

To build a business & brand that people can’t help but share about there are specific key elements that get to be in play.

Inside the Run & Tell Everybody Masterclass I will be sharing the keys to building an in-demand business where your ripple effect extends FAR BEYOND your Instagram profile.

The Run & Tell Everybody is a free Masterclass event took place on

Wednesday, Feb. 15th.


Replay access will be available for those who register.