Ready to learn how to spend less time on dating apps 📲and more time on actual dates with quality men?

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The perfectly curated bundle for busy single women who are tired of spending hours with little to show on dating apps. Let me show you how to attract quality men online effortlessly.


Did you know that 51% of Americans are single? That's right, there are officially MORE single people than there ever have been! Your changes of meeting your partner have never been so high.

You were made for SO MUCH more than swiping endlessly on dating apps, wasting time talking to flaky guys, and putting in hours trying to connect with men only to end up disappointed and feeling defeated, babe!

🙅🏽‍♀️ Dating apps stress you out; there’s so much noise but little action. You wish you could just get straight to the date.

🙅🏿‍♀️ You’re running out of patience. You're sick of talking with a guy who shows interest & then tells you he’s not looking for anything serious. 

🙅🏻‍♀️ Maybe you are open to using dating apps but you are super scared because you have no clue how to talk with a stranger!

🙅 Dating apps feel so time consuming and like such a hassle. You want to attract an emotionally available man who is READY & LOOKING for a commitment - and you’ve waited for it long enough!!!

The Magnetic Dating Bundle is the tried-and-true path to attract quality men online & have your calendar filled with dates.

You wake up to text📥 from a guy you are excited about confirming your date for the evening and letting you know he’s looking forward to seeing you. 

You start your day with an incredible morning routine☀️, feeling refreshed and ready for the day. 

During a mid-day break, you open up your dating app📲 to messages from MULTIPLE quality men you were chatting with asking you on a date. You have so many options, it’s hard to choose which guy to prioritize making plans with first! 


You decide to treat yourself to your favorite drink from your favorite coffee shop and a cute guy sees you & strikes up a conversation with you as you’re waiting for your drink.

You leave with your latte AND a text ALREADY from him - he asked for your number & wants to plan a date📆 (this is standard for you, it happens all the time)!

You are unstoppable. A magnet for incredible men.

It. Just. Keeps. Getting. Better.

I struggled with men and dating for 10 years. At my longest, I was SUPER single for 3 years in my mid thru late 20’s. I was attracting men who were not emotionally available and weren’t willing to give me what I deeply desired - a committed relationship💑

1st dates didn’t usually turn into seconds and compared to the majority of my friends who were engaged, pregnant or planning a wedding, I was “behind”. 

I remember feeling so hopeless when I wouldn’t get approached by men and night and online dating frustrated me. I was constantly disappointed and wanted to give up

In 2018, I hit my
breaking point. I was fed up with the life I had been living. I went ALL in, hired a mindset/business, AND Love Coach to help me work through my beliefs and support me in having my dream reality, LOVE included. 

I started to believe that amazing men were out there. 

I chose to only focus on what I actually WANTED to attract. 

I got clear on the type of men I wanted to date & how to be magnetizing

Once I got clear, I was suddenly attracting quality men without even trying

I noticed men staring at me. I started getting approached often. Men were asking for my number. 

I was going on 2nd, 3rd, 4th dates. 

I met my amazing partner, Ryan from this magnetic energy & abundant joyful state. 

I've taught these same tools to my clients and they had the SAME results - I can't NOT there them any longer!

Introducing The Magnetic Dating Bundle: the go-to bundle for single women who are ready to spend LESS time on dating apps and MORE time on dates with amazing men!

The Magnetic Dating Bundle is your one-stop-shop that teaches you how to:

Create a magnetizing profile, weed out time-waster men RIGHT AWAY so you can only talk with quality men, get asked out on more dates, and reprogram your dating mindset - & so much more!

I’ve seen my clients use these tools time and time again & step into their dream relationship. 

& Now I’m putting it all together for you - in one place!

Flash forward to after you binge the Magnetic Dating Bundle✨.

Just picture📸 what’s going to be possible for you when you...

😍 Learn how to go from messaging to connecting in-person on dates. 

. Learn how to create a profile that magnetizes quality men to you. 

😍 Have your calendar booked with dates. 

Spend WAY LESS time on dating apps & more time on dates. 

😍 Become a master at how to handle real-life texting scenarios before the date so that you never have to spend a second stressed again during dating! 

🙅🏽‍♀️ No more spending hours swiping 📲 and messaging back and forth with nothing to show and get your calendar booked with dates!📆


One hour workshop style training module to teach you how to create a magnetic profile & fill your calendar with dates! 

Journaling prompts to reprogram your dating mindset & attract quality men - WARNING, you will feel AMAZING after you journal on these.

18 Page Texting Playbook to teach you how to go From Inbox to In-Person 26 Common Messaging/Texting Scenarios That Happen and 49 unique responses to set you up to only get asked on dates by quality men. 

Google Doc Version of Playbook with 49 copy & paste responses for you!

Training: Creating a Magnetizing Profile To Fill Your Calendar w/ Dates 📅+Reprogramming Your Dating Mindset 

This is the ultimate training you need to get you on board with dating apps. This is perfect for you no matter where you are in your journey - new or a veteran to the apps.

You’ll never need to learn another thing on the subject because this training has you covered! Mindset, profile tips, establishing your vision - we’ve got you covered!

We’ll cover: 

  • How to create a magnetizing profile that appeals to high-quality men.
  • How to get excited about dating apps and dating in general.
  • Identify and reframe limiting beliefs around online dating.
  • Learn what turns men on and off when it comes to your dating profile.
  • How to reprogram your mindset so you only attract positive experiences 
  • Life-changing mantras to get you excited and empowered for dating

$497 Value    Included in Magnetic Dating Bundle✔️

18 Page Ultimate Playbook: From Inbox to In-Person

Never worry about wasting time on apps and endless messaging back and forth with little to show again. This guide will support you in having quality conversations and getting OFF the app and ON more dates!

You’ll learn: 

  •  49 different responses to set you up to get asked on dates ONLY by quality men.
  • How to handle the most common messaging & texting scenarios that come up before and even after the date (18 pages, I’ve got you covered!)
  • How to communicate boundaries & weed out time-waster & men only looking for a pen pal
  • How to set up the scenario for a man to pursue you.
  • How to have men respect your time. 

$497 Value    Included in Magnetic Dating Bundle ✔️

Reprogram Your Dating Mindset & Create a Magnetizing Profile Worksheet

Information DOES NOT = transformation. We must take it a level deeper and go within. Don't worry girl, I got you covered!

You will: 

  • Take a deep dive into the beliefs holding you back from attracting love online 
  • Get clear on your vision for attracting quality men
  • Get crystal clear on what makes you so magnetizing

$297 Value    Included in Magnetic Dating Bundle ✔️

And how about EXTRA BONUSES to help you book your calendar with dates even faster? 📆

*BONUS* Google Doc Version of From Inbox to In-Person Playbook

So you can have these classy, authentic, done- for-you date magnet responses at your finger tips📲. That's right, copy, paste, and get on the date!

$497 Value    Included in Magnetic Dating Bundle ✔️

That’s like $1,987 worth of goodness, all rolled into one magnetic place. 

But The Magnetic Dating Bundle doesn’t cost that

Whoa no. way babe!!!! 

Normally, The Magnetic Dating Bundle costs $197, 


Today you can grab it for only $97!!!!!!!! 

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Here are the messages she sent me after he asked to be exclusive😍

Courtney is feeling more open and clear than ever from using the tools inside of The Magnetic Dating Bundle!

Tiffany unlocked her self-worth and is more magnetizing than ever! She knows she deserves the world!

I LOVE getting messages like these from my clients! Once they got clear on what they deserve, they magnetize men online - easily!

Imagine ending 2020 in your dream relationship. Think about how it could feel knowing that your dream partner is online RIGHT NOW, waiting to meet you.You are the woman he’s been searching for & dying to meet. 

He needs to be able to find you.

If you stay hiding through fear, a negative mindset, and only attracting time-waster men, you may quit RIGHT BEFORE the miracle. Don’t let your story end like that! 

The Magnetic Dating Bundle is only here for a limited time.

I don’t want you to be in the SAME place, staying in pen-pal land on the dating apps this time next year & I know you don't want to be either! 

Your future partner will thank you for taking this huge leap and saying YES to you and YES to love. 

I believe in you, I got you❤️ It’s your time.