The mistake I see A LOT of people make when it comes to the new year is they WAIT until the 1st to start getting their energy behind their goals. 

Here’s the thing about energy, it stacks, it compounds and it takes time + consistency to get momentum going. 

The trap most people fall into is they think about their goals and mindset ON January 1st (let’s be real, more like January 2nd since Jan 1st is infamously dubbed National Hangover Day lol) 

And they need to energetically rev themselves up at the beginning of the year and in some ways it can feel like they are starting from scratch.

Master Manifesters know that energy is never wasted and the sooner you can start building energy in the direction of your desires, the sooner you will be living and experiencing them as your reality. 

Imagine walking into 2023 ALREADY clear, ALREADY feeling powerful, and ALREADY creating results in your physical 3D reality. 

No starting from 0, no starting over.

Getting an energetic head start. 

I’m going to show you exactly how to do this inside of The Set Up, two-day FREE Masterclass where we’ll be diving deep into how to set yourself up energetically & mindset-wise for a 2023 that is BEYOND anything you can imagine! 🤩

Inside of The Set Up 2 Day Masterclass You’ll be Learning:

The exact mindset and energetics to ensure that 2023 is the year that everything finally comes together for you and exceeds your wildest dreams 

How to make peace with and use EVERYTHING that’s happened inside of your 2022 as a MASSIVE growth portal to catapult you forward toward your goals in the new year. 

How to jump start your manifesting and open yourself up to receive your desires NOW.  

How to partner with The Universe to co-create all that you’ve desired showing up in your physical 3D reality

How to intentionally transition into 2023 anchored in a grounded, yet powerful energy. 

The Set Up is a FREE 2 Day Live Masterclass experience taking

place on:

December 13th and 14th at 1pm PST

**Live attendance is not required as your registration includes replay access!


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