6 month rolling high touch Mastermind for ambitious women ready to enter the possibility portal where you go BEYOND what you think your potential is and access a life you didn’t even know was available to you.

Subconscious reprogramming, alignment manifestation, & energetics. 

In my world we don’t live an “either/or” life. We don’t choose between things being REALLY good in one area and crappy in another. 

This is your home for 6 months of expansion, growth, tribe, community.

This is for the woman who values her growth and refuses to stay stuck or try to “do it alone”

You can have an incredible and thriving life in all areas:


Mindset/Confidence/Emotional Intelligence

Love/Romantic Relationships/Dating

Friendships & Family Dynamics

Money & abundance

Self-love & body love


  • Experience quality relationships in your life: friends, romantic, dating, etc.
  • Feel LIT UP every single day in your career or business 
  • Open yourself up to more money, opportunities, and magic in your life 
  • Create a solid relationship with money & you ability to attract abundance into your reality every single day
  • Deepen your abilities as a powerful co-creator & manifest your desires with ease
  • Have unlimited support for 5 months to catapult you toward your goals
  • Have a playground and safe space to grow and evolve alongside ambitious women who “get it”
  • Expand alongside a community of ambitious women who want to support, encourage, and celebrate you

Spiritually Ambitious Babes the Mastermind is the home for the woman who is committed to her long term growth. 

She’s not looking for a quick fix, she’s here for her evolution. 

She values her time and energy and knows she deserves to have support available to her WHENEVER she needs it. 

She doesn’t invest in herself because something is “wrong” she invests in herself because she’s only available for being supported, held in community, and feeling safe to express her feeling.

She acts urgently yet is not in a rush, she knows that her growth journey is infinite and she’s willing to do the inner work so she can be the happiest & most fulfilled she’s ever been

She knows she deserves to have an amazing life unfold for her: relationships, money, career, travel - she’s only available an existence that feels SO GOOD!

  • 6 months of support inside Spiritually Ambitious Babes Mastermind
  • 2 Group Coaching Calls/mo (hot seat coaching) 
  • Group Voxer Support Chat M-F 
  • Immediate access to a content library of over 25 hours of training to deepen the work 
  • Access to a group of like-minded ambitious women 

Upon enrolling you'll receive immediate access to the Content Portal that includes 25 hours of trainings on topics:

  • Self love rituals 
  • Designing your dream life 
  • Stepping into the next level version of you 
  • Money mindset & abundance 
  • Manifestation Practices 
  • Embracing Your Feminine Energy 
  • Dating & being pursued by your soulmate
  • Trusting the process as a co-creator 
  •  Creating soul aligned friendships & relationships 
  • Becoming a boundaries Queen 
  • Navigating conflict with grace  
  • Healing from your past 
  • Reprogramming your belief system 
  •  Anchoring in your magnetism
  •  Empowered communication
  • Daily mindset practices
  • Journaling rituals 

...and more!

It's a You Thing:

Self love course to design you dream life, create powerful self-love practices, increase your confidence, step into your feminine power and attract soul aligned friendships & relationships into you life.

Peace Out People Pleasing:

Overcome people pleasing by learning how to stand authentically in your truth, master boundaries, and practice empowered and graceful communication.

The Lucky Ones:

Master the INNER GAME to being the woman who other people see and say “she’s so lucky”…only it’s anything BUT luck!dive deep into your inner world: your belief system, subconscious programming, energy, and mindset & give you life changing tools to become the woman who attracts endless opportunities, lots of joy, and incredible success. Prepare for breakthroughs galore!

Fall in Love:

The ultimate self worth program with the intention to attract your dream romantic relationship from the inside out. Heal, build a solid foundation, feel confident within yourself & all that you have to offer and get ready to open yourself up for the love of a lifetime.

Casual to Committed Academy:

Feel empowered in the dating process and attract high quality potential partners who will pursue you and court you like the Goddess you are.

The Upgrade Masterclass:

It's time to upgrade your relationship with abundance and your ability to receive! This powerful training will support you in reshaping your money mindset so you can allow more abundance in.


✈️ FINALLY booking that vacation that’s been on your vision board for the last 4 years. 

Feeling free knowing that you are safe & provided for by The Universe & you don’t need to worry or spiral in anxiety.

💘 Being madly in love with your partner, reaching new depths in intimacy & having so much fun in your relationship. 

💸 Experiencing abundance & miracles in your life every single day. 

👠 Landing an exciting & new dream career opportunity - making MORE money than you’ve ever made before. 

👯‍♀️ Being surrounded by the more inspiring and supportive friends. Women who cheer you on, want to see you win, and see how powerful you are. 

💑 Calling in your soulmate, going out to dinner on Friday nights - FINALLY going to all the restaurants you’ve been wanting to try.

🎤 Attracting aligned opportunities in your life- podcast interviews, speaking gigs, travel, hosting workshops - the possibilities are ENDLESS! 


"Before joining the Spiritual Ambitious Babes Mastermind I was very ambitious and confident but struggled with self-doubt in certain areas of my life and worried about pleasing others. I made decisions out of fear of judgment and now I set boundaries and feel confident in doing so.

As a new psychologist and coach, I have been up-leveling and shedding old beliefs that don’t serve me. I have been expanding myself and it’s scary at times. It’s amazing to be in a room with other like-minded women who can listen and support you. Also, I have been wanting to work with Valerie for years. I said one day she would be my coach and I’m glad that I invested. I encourage you to ask yourself how much does it cost you to stay where you are now? You are your greatest ROI. To anyone who is thinking about joining, I would say do it! Don’t hesitate. You are worth it. You are worthy and you will leave feeling more confident and inspired. I have invested over 300k into my education, certification, trainings/coaching programs & have had many mentors.

Valerie is one of the best ones. I aspire to be like her. She is a supportive and kind coach who embodies everything I strive to be."

- Dr. Akinsulire, PsyD

"Before joining the Spiritually Ambitious Babes Mastermind I was feeling stuck and craving change/momentum, but I didn’t fully know where to start. Having previously worked with Valerie and knowing I benefit from a group setting, I said yes to joining.

A lot of growth and change has happened during the past few months. There have been many breakthroughs, shifts, and wins internally. Some of the tangible wins include finding the confidence to do a photoshoot of myself, an incredible last-minute trip to Kenya, a big move, growing my photography business, and starting a new job in a few weeks that has a significant pay increase. Having both Valerie’s support as well as the other ladies inside makes it so much easier. I have learned so much from questions asked by others as well as the lessons and hot seat coaching provided by Valerie. It has been so helpful to pop into Voxer when anything comes up that I am struggling with.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who go is craving support and growth to consider joining!"

- Amy Hovsepian

"Valerie is amazing! She has this calm energy about her and always brings up great questions to ask yourself to uncover the answers you need. She meets you where you're at and is very understanding yet will push you at the same time. I loved her feedback and reframes around my limiting beliefs those were game changers for me! And I felt like she really understood me, which was what I needed”

- Bailey P.

“I loved that Valerie has lived this herself! She never judges and always supports and genuinely invests her time and energy into her clients and their goals. She brings in top notch guest speakers as well!”

- Allison Ziegler

“I loved how real, open & honest Valerie was with us. She was always there to support us in the best way she could & have us honest feedback to help us grow.”

- Amanda Morrish


Q: When does the Mastermind start?

A: The moment you join! This is a rolling Mastermind, meaning once you claim your spot, the support and coaching starts right away! *If you desire to start at a future date, message me!*

Q: Is The Spiritually Ambitious Babes Mastermind just for business owners?

A: NOPE! This is a space for all ambitious women who desire to live an exceptional life in ALL areas of their life! All occupations & backgrounds are welcome!

Q: What happens when I join Spiritually Ambitious Babes Mastermind?

A:When you enroll, you will get immediate access to the content portal with over 25 hours of trainings to dive into right away!

Q: What is the investment to join & do you offer payment plans?

A: Spiritually Ambitious Babes Mastermind is a four figure investment with monthly payment options as well as an extended payment plan upon request. If you desire to be inside of this space, I'm sure we can find a way for you to join!

Q: How much coaching will I receive in the Mastermind?

A: As much as you ask for! During each group coaching call, you will have the opportunity for hot seat personalized coaching. You also have unlimited access to our group Voxer support chat where you can ask questions and receive coaching from me and/or the women inside!

Q: What if my question isn't on here or I'm not sure if I'm a good fit?

A: Send me a DM on Instagram @themindfulbabe & I'm happy to chat with you about the Mastermind & help answer any questions!

Let the possibility portal open & breakthroughs begin!