The ULTIMATE Self-Love Bundle with my most powerful work in the areas of self-love, subconscious reprogramming, & manifestation all in one place for a price that will make your jaw drop!

Inside you get: 20 potent trainings (trainings range from 15 min- 70 min), reflection prompts, self-love workbooks, & 21 days of journaling activations.

Because self-love is WAY more than just getting massages & buying yourself flowers from the farmer's market.

It's a commitment to YOU, a daily choice, a way of living, & the gateway to the life filled with your deepest desires.

I've bundled together over 20 teachings & tools that will help you create your most joy-filled, abundant, and miracle-filled life. The secret ingredient: your relationship with you!

Imagine this:

You wake up in the morning, excited to get out of bed and dive into rituals that feel amazing. 

You enjoy getting ready for your day because you LOVE the woman you see standing in front of you in the mirror. 

You know that you are about to embark on a day of joy and possibility

You walk around with your head held high, self-esteem through the roof, and you notice people just LOVE to be around you. 

You attract new opportunities, new people, and abundance into your life. 

You trust your intuition & trust that you are on your perfect path.

Your friends and family tell you, “I don’t know what it is, but lately you just seem so happy!” 

& for the first time in a long time, you know, you are TRULY where you're meant to be💕

Inside The Ultimate Self-Love Bundle:

21 Day Journaling Activation:

Over the course of 21 days, each day you will receive powerful journaling prompts to support you in activating next levels of your personal power, manifest your desires, and create abundance and new opportunities in your life. Prepare for shifts, brand new perspectives & miracles.

Bust out your journal & get ready for an incredible ride! Whether you are an avid journaler or just getting started, this 3 week activation will be a GAME-CHANGER for you!

Includes: 21 Daily Journal Prompt Workbooks (one dripped daily for 21 consecutive days)

The Lucky Ones Course:

Have you ever known a woman where it feels like everything "just works out" for her? She has the success, the relationships, the confidence & you're tempted to write her off as "lucky". It's FAR from luck. This woman has a strong internal foundation (beliefs, energy, magnetism, mindset) that has allowed her to attract everything you now see in her physical reality.

The It’s time for you to master the INNER GAME to being the woman who other people see and say “she’s so lucky”..except it's anything BUT luck, it's a very deliberate way of living - let me show you how!

In this self-paced course we will dive deep into the tools to create your inner world:

Your belief system, subconscious programming, dominant energetic vibration, and mindset & give you life changing tools to become the woman who attracts endless opportunities, lots of joy, and incredible success. Prepare for breakthroughs galore! 

Training 1: Understanding Your Habits, Behaviors, & How Your Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind Creates Your External Reality + Homework

Training 2: Understanding Your Magnetism, What Dulls Your Ability to Magnetize Your Desires to You, Belief Systems, & Process to Change a Belief + Homework

Training 3: Understanding Your Ego vs. Higher Self, Your Power as a Co-Creator, 7 Step Manifestation Process + Homework

Included: 3 Trainings ranging from 60-73 minutes, accompanying homework to integrate each training, Q+A session to answer mindset & manifestation questions, process cheat sheets & recommended reading list.

It's a You Thing Course:

It’s a You Thing: self-love course to help you increase your confidence, claim your power & become OBSESSED with your life. Overcome negative self talk, let go of internal judgements, & boldly claim the life you came here to experience. 

This is the shortcut that you have been looking for to finally having the relationships, abundance, and experiences you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl. 

Training topics include:

Upgrading your life, stepping into the next level version of you, claiming your desires + how to bring them to life, creating daily self-love rituals, creating classy boundaries, cleaning out energy leaks, forgiveness, clearing space for your desires to come in, daily practices to increase your self-esteem, tap into an abundance frequency daily, intimacy with money, making personal upgrades in your life, creating "rules" for how life goes for you, opening up for unexpected blessings. creating your dream life, manifestation rituals, anchoring in to the law of attraction in your day-to-day life, affirmations, embracing your feminine energy, balance b/t masculine and feminine energy, infusing joy and play into every day, trusting the process, shift from needing validation to self-assurance, boosting your manifestation power, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Includes: 15 pre-recorded trainings + 9 integrative self-love workbooks

Forgiveness Masterclass:

Forgiveness allows you to let go of heavy emotions (shame, guilt, resentment, etc.) and free yourself from the past. Sometimes it's forgiveness towards somebody who hurt you, sometimes it's forgiveness toward yourself.

The ticket to ultimate freedom is your ability to create space in your heart & let go of the energetic bricks that hold you back from fully receiving all that life had to offer you. 

In this powerful training you’ll learn how to clear space, release past hurt, and let go of people/incidences that have gotten in the way of you experiencing pure joy and happiness in your life. (sourced from now-retired Fall in Love program).

 Included: Training + Integrative Forgiveness Workbook

If you were to purchase everything inside of The Ultimate Self-Love Bundle Separately, the total would be $1,487...

Inside the Bundle: 

The Lucky Ones ($599 value) 

It’s a You Thing ($666 value)

Forgiveness Masterclass ($111 value)

21 Day Journaling Activation ($111 value)

For a VERY limited time, you get immediate + lifetime access to everything inside of The Ultimate Self-Love Bundle for a price that will make your jaw drop....

I'm Ready To Uplevel My Self-Love Game