Faith is a funny thing - trusting the unseen, the not yet manifested can be a scary thing to do. 

Sometimes we want to grasp for the why and get answers NOW. As you’ve probably noticed, the path reveals itself in a way we least expect it. 

Journaling is an incredible tool that has supported me in some of the darkest & times in my life AND the biggest shifts.

I’ve put together some journal prompts that will support you in increasing faith & trusting the process. 

The Trust The Process Journaling Prompts will support you to:

✨ Access your innate wisdom

✨ Restore your faith in the divine unfolding of your path

✨ Identify & acknowledge emotions that can serve as your guide

✨ Call upon reminders that you are right on time on your journey


Valerie is a Certified Master Coach who has supported hundreds of women in attracting the life & relationship of their dreams.

She believes in accessing your personal power and creating life by your design via the words you speak & thoughts you think. 

She is in the relationship of her dreams with the dog of her dreams & has a podcast called The Mindful Babes!